Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor

Learning to Walk in the Dark
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New York Times bestselling author Barbara Brown Taylor writes with wisdom, grace, and beauty as she seeks to redeem what so many of us have learned to fear—the darkness. Entering into it to see whether what she has been taught about it is true, she discovers that there is light in the dark. Even when that light wanes or goes out altogether, there are treasures in the dark that we cannot always see by day. What we need is a spirituality that works in the night.

Follow Barbara Brown Taylor on her journey into darkness, which takes her into wild caves, underground nightclubs, subterranean chapels, and unlit cabins in the woods on nights with no moon. With her characteristic charm and insight, Taylor is our guide through a spirituality of the nighttime, teaching us how to find God—or let God find us—even when it is dark, and giving us a way to let darkness teach us what we most need to know.

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Barbara Brown Taylor’s last book, An Altar in the World, was a New York Times bestseller that received the Silver Nautilus Award in 2012.  Her first memoir, Leaving Church, received an Author of the Year award from the Georgia Writers Association and won the Theologos Award for best general interest book of 2006.  Taylor spent fifteen years in parish ministry before becoming the Butman Professor of Religion at Piedmont College, where she has taught world religions since 1998.  She lives on a working farm in rural north Georgia with her husband Ed.

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